"Live, Laugh and Low pH"

Are you recently concerned with your dry, oily and troubled skin?
Here’s the low pH skincare solution for your healthy skin! 

What is low pH? 
The ideal pH condition of a healthy skin maintains a slightly acidic condition (pH 5.5 ~ pH 5.8) on the skin surface. The skin barrier is comprised of proteins and lipids, and the sufficient amount of essential ingredients that are necessary for damage-recovery allows the prevention of moisture loss and creates a long-lasting moisturized environment.  

What’s the benefit of low pH? 

It is widely known that acid can have a self-sterilization function, but if it touches your skin, sensitive skin can be irritated.  

The slightly acidic skin means that it limits the proliferation of harmful bacteria and microorganisms on your skin, and that it prevents the growth of alkaline germs and bacteria that cause troubles on the skin’s acidic layer.  

If the balance of the skin condition breaks due to irritations or stresses, your skin barrier also breaks so that the skin moisture content and the skin’s ability to maintain proper acidity drops, leading to the increase in pH level. Although you do not measure your skin’s pH level, it is easy to notice that your skin health is going through struggles through the various kinds of sudden skin troubles.  


Correlation between low pH and oil production. 

As your skin becomes more acidic, it will become more oily.  

One of the visible standards for judging that your skin is out of the ideal pH level is the amount of oil content and sebum. When sebum is released, it also secretes fatty acids, amino acids, and other secretions to make your skin surface more acidic. If the pH level gets lower than 5.0, your skin is in an acidic condition. In other words, acidic skin means that it is close to being oily skin with lots of sebum.  

On the contrary, what if your skin is too dry without any oiliness? In this case where the skin easily experiences moisture loss, the outermost skin barrier is broken and the oil layer is also lost. If so, enzymes that maintain skin health are not synthesized properly while inflammatory responses easily occur together with itchiness and rashes because harmful external substances penetrate the skin. So, alkaline skin parts may cause skin troubles. It is important to worry about whether or not the skin’s pH balance is broken before you remove oil from your skin.  


Is Alkaline Cleanser bad for skin? 

Compared to the slightly acidic cleansers, an alkaline cleanser leaves less soft skin surface because alkali completely removes oil and various kinds of wastes present on your skin. So, if you are concerned with excessive oil content on your skin, an alkaline cleanser would be a better choice. After cleansing, use a slightly acidic toner to keep your skin’s pH level slightly acidic. 

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