Lotions for Combination Skin Types – Did you say Antioxidants?

Lotions for Combination Skin Types – Did you say Antioxidants?

Keina Yuan 
K-Beauty Editor

Day Creams are quite a controversial topic, and previously we discussed how lotions, are commonly used as day creams in the K-Beauty world. So we have some recommendations on which lotions are suitable for combination skin types below. But! We also included a cream. 

Now this isn’t to contradict our little discussion in the other article but to emphasise, that you can use whatever cream or lotion you prefer and one that is more suitable for YOUR skin’s concerns! (also because we think its quite a good lightweight cream)

Now enough of the small talk, lets jump right in!

COSRX Balancium D-Panthenol Cream
For: Sensitive, Combination – Dry, Damaged

Key Ingredients
- 10% D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
- Sunflower Seed Oil

Key Points
- Strengthens skin barrier
- Intense soothing and calming effect
- Moisturizing and Nourishing

An intense boost of calming, nourishing and healing properties! If these qualities are what you are looking for, The Balancium D-Panthenol Cream is probably the best we’ve got. It contains 10% D-Panthenol, also known as the alcohol form of Vitamin B5 and when we apply it to our skin, it quickly and readily turns into Pantothenoic acid. Pantothenoic acid is just another form of B5 – but works more effectively inside the skin by binding to water. Yep! That’s right, exactly like Hyaluronic acid; hence the reason why Panthenol is considered a humectant. 

Panthenol is also very well known for its ability to accelerate healing in skin, soothing the skin, and strengthening the skin’s barrier. 

COSRX’s unique cream is quite light in texture but still leaves a thin film to lock in the hydration and moisture after application. You’ll find that this cream will soften your skin overtime and even smooth its complexion too! Its most suitable for those with combination skin on the dry side and for those prone to irritation and sensitivity.

THEFACESHOP Green Seed Energy Lotion
For: Normal, Combination, Irritated

Key Ingredients:
- Oat Extract Complex
    - Oat Kernel Oil
    - Oat Kernel Extract
    - Oat Bran Extract
- Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

Key Points
- Soothes irritation
- Delivers hydration and nutrition without leaving a sticky residue
- Strengthens skin barrier
- Promotes skin cell turnover
    - Increases radiance of skin

Oats, oats and more oats! Honestly there’s nothing more Australian than some Wheat-Bix or oats in the morning! Well, you can consider this lotion your morning fill. 
The Green Seed Energy Lotion from THEFACESHOP is extremely rich in antioxidants form, you guessed it, oats! Oats are extremely rich in antioxidants which promote skin cell turnover (or the production of new skin cells) and increase moisture retention in our skin. Antioxidants also neutralise free radicals in our skin; these are molecules which cause damage in our skin and can be sourced from stress, pollution, unhealthy eating and even smoking. 
There are 3 specific oat extracts in this lotion, Oat Kernel Oil, Oat Kernel Extract, and Oat Bran Extract, all which benefit the skin in slightly different ways. 
 - Oat Kernel Oil an anti-inflammatory agent and also has soothing and emollient qualities. It is also associated with the improvement in elasticity of the skin. 
 - Oat Kernel Extract is able to soak up excess oils on and in the skin and also helps to diminish the appearance of pores on the skin.
 - Oat Bran Extract helps the lessen irritation on the skin and is a great ingredient for lightweight nourishment.
Well, it’s not just formulated with oats. It also contains Tocopherol, a form of Vitamin E, and is another antioxidant! Tocopherol is another effective ingredient for increasing skin cell turnover and regeneration and it also helps to strengthen our skin!

This lotion is great for combination skin types as it’s lightweight texture sinks into the skin without leaving any sticky residue. It also delivers some light oil control and soothing effects which is always a plus. 

COSRX Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion
For: Sensitive, Combination – Oily

Key Ingredients
- 70.8% Birch Sap (Betula Platyphylla Japonica)
- Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil
- Allantoin, Panthenol
- Tea Tree Leaf Oil

Key Points
- Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
- Lightweight and fast absorbing with fine protective film
- Calming and soothing

And another COSRX beauty to wrap up! The Oil-Free Ultra Moisturising Lotion is another unique K-beauty product. It’s formulated with 70.8% Birch Sap or Birch tree water which in extremely rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and our best friend – antioxidants. Its also a great lightweight hydrator and a genius way to incorporate vitamins and minerals into your skin. 
It also contains Lemon Peel Oil Extract and Tea Tree Leaf Oil to help deliver some soothing and reduce the production of excess oils. 
Just so I don’t confuse you, the ‘Oil-Free’ part of the moisturiser doesn’t exactly mean excluding ALL oils and ANY type of oil. It means that they don’t use a range of oils as hydrators and moisturisers which may clog the pores and might also cause breakouts. And np, you don’t need to worry about Lemon Peel Oil and Tea Tree Oil causing breakouts because they both help to reduce the production of some oils and deliver immense soothing effects to the skin (They aren’t comedogenic!).
This extremely lightweight lotion helps to deliver deep hydration and soothing to sensitised or irritated skin and is an ideal Lotion for Combination to Oily skin types. The Allantoin and Panthenol also in the formulation of the lotion help to reduce sensitivity and strengthen the skin’s barrier to improve your skin’s radiance overtime as well. 

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