Here are 7 important daily rules that you must perform every day.  

To make a naturally glowing skin that shines from deep inside, you need to prioritize good habits over good skincare products. 

1 Strenuous time for your skin: Taking a shower with warm water

Water that is warmer than your body temperature causes dry skin. So, taking a shower with hot water frequently results in enlarged pores and reduced skin elasticity. How long you take a shower is also another important factor. Since the natural moisturizing factor that acts like a sponge that holds moisture in your skin is water-soluble, the amount of the moisturizing factor that your skin gets significantly reduced if you frequently cleanse your face or take a shower for a long time. Thus, it is recommended to take a shower for less than 10 minutes and use lukewarm water for a moisturized skin. 

2 The most basic rule: Taking care of the inner beauty is the first-step

The average amount of water we should consume per day is about 2 liters. If an insufficient amount of water is provided to our body, the blood circulation worsens causing dry skin and reducing skin elasticity. So, it is important to try to consciously drink lots of water. Unhealthy foods are also bad for your skin, so it is highly recommended to eat foods that can be both beneficial to your skin and body. Some of the beneficial foods include sweet pumpkin, dark chocolate, almonds, etc.

Besides, please do not forget to avoid eating foods made of flour and processed foods. 

3 Most important thing to remember: Perfect block from UV rays

UV rays have fatal effects on your skin so that your skin can even experience ‘sunlight aging.’ About 70% skin aging symptoms such as wrinkles, freckles, rough skin texture, and reduced skin elasticity are due to UV rays. If you compare the parts that are not easily exposed to UV rays like the inner part of your arms with facial skin, you will see the distinct effect of UV rays. In other words, it means that you will be able to prevent more than half of the skin aging symptoms if you focus on applying sunscreen every day. So, don’t forget to apply an adequate amount of sunscreen thoroughly even if only for going out for a short priod of time and applying an extra amount of sunscreen frequently when staying outside. Applying sunscreen is one of the most important life habits that everyone knows, but it is easily neglected by many of us. “Blocking UV rays” is the necessary life rule that is essential to your skin because it prevents skin aging at a fundamental level.

4 Make sure to keep everything clean that touches your face: Regular care of your beauty tools  

Beauty tools such as brushes and puffs that directly touch your skin must be kept clean at all times. If you use unclean tools, the germs or bacteria growing on them move on to your skin to cause dermatitis, while makeup residues remaining on a puff and other tools block the pores to induce skin troubles like acne. Beauty tools must be cleaned at least once a week, and especially, take extra care to clean oily tools that are used to apply cushion pacts or foundation. It is recommended to use a makeup tool cleanser or shampoo, cleansing foam and others. After washing, remove water and dry the tools by laying them on a table. 

5 Germs attack your skin from unexpected areas: Always keep your beddings clean

People usually sweat about 1.5 liters every day, and the most of them are secreted while you sleep. Subsequently, the blankets and pillowcases that touch the skin every night is full of moisture due to sweating. In addition to that, the oil contents and dead skin cells generated from the skin result in a great number of various kinds of germs on your beddings. The thing is that if you leave such a situation for a long time without doing laundry, molds can grow on your beddings in the worst case. It is the same as being exposed to a variety of bacteria and molds right after you clean your face and apply good cosmetics. If you do not want to be exposed to such a problem, frequently wash beddings as much as possible, and if you cannot wash them frequently, spray textile anti-bacterial products and completely dry under sunlight to remove germs and prevent them from proliferation.

6 Too much is bad: Importance of moderate exfoliation  

If your skin is having a thick layer of dead skin cells, you will feel skin straining even if you apply expensive essence or cream because your skin cannot completely absorb the nutrients. The crumbly skin texture and dark skin tone are also because of the accumulated old dead skin cells on your skin. If you remove old dead skin cells with physical or chemical exfoliants once or twice a week, it will be effective in improving your skin tissues and skin tones while the cosmetic products will be well absorbed to your skin. However, if the dead skin cell layer gets too thin, the skin protection layer will be weakened so that your skin gets easily exposed to external irritating factors. So, it is important to keep in mind that you do not remove an excessive amount of dead skin cells.

7 Good dreams give good skin: Relax your skin enough  

“Sleeping” is the best restorative for your body. Insufficient sleeping hours will have a significant impact on skin troubles and skin texture. If you do deep sleep for a few days, you will be able to see the clear enhancement of crumbly skin condition. Sufficient amount of sleep also relaxes the other organs, while regular sleep normalizes body rhythm to smoothen skin metabolism. If you maintain a 7-hour long sleep pattern by going to bed before midnight, your skin and body will both be healthy day by day. 

Here are 7 important daily rules that you must perform every day. 

To make a naturally glowing skin that shines from deep inside, you need to prioritize good habits over good skincare products. 

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